Business Angel

Peter Halstenbach, born in 1954, has a degree in photo design and marketing (MBA). However, his career has taken him quickly into banking and finance: First as a precious metal and foreign exchange trader for Merrill Lynch, then as Key Account Manager for Eurocard / Mastercard, Airline’s Credit Card Business Development and for Dow Jones Financial Services ( Business Development Trading Systems). At all these stages, his talent was revealed to adress the core needs, to create customer-oriented solutions and insistently realise solutions, preferably in difficult competition and displacement scenarios.

Peter Halstenbach has been working as a management consultant since 1996, especially for clients in the banking sector. For example, he developed financial products for Dresdner Bank, Frankfurter Volksbank and Kölner Bank and implemented same in a sales-oriented manner. For a Greek client, he develops and implements fiscal measures and develops his own crypto currency using blockchain technology.

The motto that runs through all projects of Peter Halstenbach is a wisdom from study times: „Only customer-oriented company policy promises long-term customer satisfaction.“