The Company

The International Investment Group AG, headquartered in Muotathal, Switzerland, focuses on project management, fund solutions, private placement and M&A in the key market of IT solutions. The real estate sector, as long-term investments, rounds off the concept, especially in the segment of real estate development.

Due to the many years of international activity of the business owner, the managing director and the freelancers, the company has very good access to the market within Switzerland and surrounding European countries. The company has close relationships with the financial industry, small and medium-sized businesses and the commercial and residential real estate market. The company not only makes use of these contacts, they also form the basis of its success.

Business Plan

With its innovative and consistent business model, IIG AG prevails through market– and competition-oriented in various interlocking categories.

Venture Capital

Development of customer-specific investment strategies

Fund development

International tax consulting

Real estate markets

Consulting for medium-sized service industries

As a specialist company with high professional competence and reliability, the company has developed a network of service providers. Special financial services such as private placement, venture capital and financing of residential and commercial projects round off the portfolio.

Objectives and Strategy

It is the vision of IIG AG to offer innovative and benefit-oriented market activities in order to be able to compete with the already established market leaders through its own market differentiation. Based on IIG AG’s tight corporate philosophy, further investments are planned in order to be in a position to directly influence the expanding market. IIG AG has set itself the goal of developing neighbouring markets in other European countries in a goal-oriented manner and participating in the growth of international partners.

Projects and Markets

In particular, succession arrangements pose major problems for small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular, in finding a suitable successor or financing them. Due to the excellent contacts in the economy, measures can be initiated at an early stage to find a successor and to implement the financing in the interests of all parties involved. In the particularly profitable IT market, together with our partners we are primarily looking for IT service providers who can expand and optimally complement the existing portfolio. Thus, especially in this market, synergies can be created and used.

IIG AG is able to implement and market any kind of real estate business in a market- and customer-oriented manner. This also applies to existing properties in commercial and residential segments. Due to an extensive wealth of empirical data, the market sizes can be estimated fairly accurately by the total real estate volume in the actual and demand segments and the calculable future. Based on the Swiss and German markets, this results in a disproportionately high growth market.

The Project

The advantage of IIG AG is that its work begins exactly where many management consultancies consider their work to be finished.

Especially in the medium-sized economy excellent projects are often developed. However, a lack of market information often leads to a lack of success. IIG AG supports its clients not only in conceptual planning, but also in individual implementation. And thus offers well-founded consulting and support in every phase of the project.

Product ideas need capital in order to establish themselves quickly and dominantly on the market. IIG paves the way to venture capital companies and private investors. There are numerous criteria that have to be taken into account when deciding on the allocation of capital. In many cases, it is only communication and, above all, presentation problems that lead to investment failure. Every investor has his own specialities and preferences.

IIG AG acts as an intermediary and prepares smooth communication. In most cases, IIG AG moderates the discussions with the investor. This is preceded by intensive coaching of the client including support in the preparation of presentation documents.

  • An important focus is supporting the structuring and formulation of the business plan.
  • The decision about a participation is based on prognoses and facts – and prognoses are never only cognitively founded. The influence of the abdomen on judgment formation remains. And so nuances decide within a few minutes whether the entrepreneur who receives the social recognition appropriate to his talent and commitment, or whether the business concept already fails in the early phase.
  • Corporate growth or changes often require alignment with a new financial institution. This is where strategic support takes place. The targeted and discreet approach of the right investors avoids painful friction losses. In this manner, a swift and sound financial strategy is prepared for the company’s expansion.

The crucial „piece“ of work is often the implementation of the proposed steps. If desired, activities can be put into practice together with the customer in all project phases.

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